Motivation boxes with a darkening section

The box offers pigeon fanciers numerous possibilities of motivation during the racing season.

The box is based on the widow box with three doors proved during many years of use. The advantages of the motivation box with a darkening section include, among others, one closed front door with a colour inset piece which can moved to the back. The front door can be closed or opened using a slider.

There is a motivation partition door in the middle of the box for complete darkening of a half of the box. The door is equipped with an inspection window that can be closed or open, as needed (Illustration )

The two small illustrations on the left show the top view of the box. They show the half of the box with the darkening section that can be reduced in size. The small slider of the partition door is opened in the middle of the box, so that the cook sees the hen when returning from a flight. To open the darkening section, move the large slider of the partition door to the front.

Illustr. shows the closed front door in the rear position. Therefore, additional seats before the darkening section are formed that can be used by the cook to defend against other cooks. This is a huge advantage for motivation. Optionally, it is possible to equip boxes in an open wooden feeder that is located in the inset piece of the front door of the darkening section. If pigeons are fed with nuts or seeds during the week, they can easily become trustful and acquainted with man’s hand.

The motivation box with the darkening section is available in the following sizes: 74,2 cm / 69,2 cm / 64,2 cm.

Front doors with a swinging fixing, and motivation partition we have a design patent.

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